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What is a Meyhouse  (Meyhane in Turkish)?


Meyhouse is a casual “meyhane.” Meyhanes, which are part of a deep-rooted culture that stretches back to the Byzantines in Anatolia, are establishments of entertainment where appetiser-type foods are served alongside music and alcoholic beverages. Despite only being entertainment venues, they are reputed to be venues that contain all the emotions of the human experience underneath, such as hope, joy, sadness, and love. Meyhanes, which have had hundreds of songs written about them, and which inspired many writers and painters, are summarised by Balzac as “Parliaments of the people”. And because we wish to be a part of this deep-rooted tradition and continue it, we have established our own meyhane. And we named it after yet another extraordinary story: Galata.

The Story of Galata

Galata, one of İstanbul’s famous districts, is home to one of the oldest towers in the world, the Galata Tower, which Hezarfen Ahmed Çelebi flew over. He took off from the top of the Galata Tower and flew across the waters of the Bosphorus. He landed in Üsküdar, having made the whole flight with a pair of homemade wings. When the news spread that a man was actually going to fly, crowds of people flocked around Galata Tower. They could see him standing on the parapet, preparing to let himself go. As he took a great leap from the tower, the crowd rushed forward, convinced he was going to crash. But he flapped his wings and the currents of the hot air rising from the Bosphorus caught him, lifting him higher and higher. He soared, gliding and drifting as gracefully as a bird. He soared up and up until the people watching from the European side could scarcely see him. He crossed the Bosphorus, and to the amazement of everyone who watched him, he landed. Hezarfen had made the first ever intercontinental flight from Europe to Asia. Engravings were made in England about this flight, which attracted attention in Europe. There are still articles, models and videos about this flight in many parts of the world. We will attempt to fly from our own Galata, write our own story. We are going to take every single guest that steps into our door on an unforgettable journey of flavours.

A Fresh and
Mezze and Wine

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